Saturday, October 31, 2009

Southern vegans and MimicCreme

Now that we're mostly settled in the new house, I've been on a domestic kick for the last couple of weeks. You might say there's been a whole lotta down-home cookin' going on. Tonight it was "Bayou Beans 'n' Greens" from the vegan cookbook for singles, Veggie Bites. Johnny and I have made this easy dish several times, and tonight the main characters were kidney beans and kale. We also had leftover tomato-basil soup with a couple of slices of garlic toast on the side.

I used to have quite the addiction to La Madeleine's super-creamy tomato basil never seemed like it had nearly as much tomato or basil as it did cream! Who knows how many heart attacks can be traced back to that soup!? I'm happy to report that, although my judgment may be slightly skewed for not having had any dairy products for the past 8 years, my vegan version of it was at least reminiscent of my old favorite. I found a zillion postings of a recipe for it online, and then just subbed Earth Balance and my new favorite vegan cream: MimicCreme! It was super-rich. Johnny found it a little on the nutty side -- he would have used a little less of the nut-based cream -- but still enjoyed it. Since we had already eaten some last night, tonight we threw in a piece of grilled pineapple to spruce it up. Really good stuff!


  1. Do you know what mimiccreme is made from? I ask b/c I'm allergic to almonds...

    Also, have you ever tried to make your own nut milk? It is super easy and it leaves you with delicious nut meal to make vegan 'truffles'. omg - I make the milk just to get the meal.

    1. Unfortunately, it IS made from both almonds and cashews. However! Recently I've been making my own cashew-based "cream" using a very simple recipe from Tal Ronnen's cookbook. Have you heard of it? It's easy and freezes well for later use. I use it in soups and I think it works great!

      I tried making almond milk once, but couldn't filter out enough grit...and it was like drinking a suspension of sand and tiny pebbles in almond milk -- really gross! I think I need a finer strainer. I definitely need some truffles!!

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