Thursday, June 23, 2011

A tasty week

My crystal ball thinks there's a vegan IHOP in New Orleans' future! Or hopes there is, anyway. At least the brunch at Grit's Bar, organized by Jehan Strouse and chefs John Morales and Paige Vann, seems to be growing in leaps and bounds!

This past Sunday brought us a South American-inspired menu, and it was delish! I was already halfway through my plate when I realized I'd left my camera at home. So, no pics of this one. Sorry! But just imagine a plate with a little of everything on it: an arepa (a Latin corn cake), "guacabello," chorizo tofu scramble, cilantro lime rice (the scent was heavenly!), black beans, chimichurri sauce, a chive spelt biscuit with smoked almond gravy! We had apparently arrived too late to try a couple of the dishes -- fried plantains and slaw -- but even so, we had plenty to eat. And we got dessert: a gluten-free sweet potato pancake with granola and maple syrup!

What's more, Jehan has been talking to the folks with the Let's Be Totally Clear campaign about getting Grit's Bar to go smoke-free. At least for the time being, they have agreed to have Smoke-Free Sundays (till 4 p.m.)! Now we can enjoy uninterrupted wafting scents of vegan brunch. Thanks, Jehan and Grit! (...?)

It's a makeshift operation for the time being, to be sure -- think of it as a party you're invited to, and you just kick in a little money to make it possible. With your support, who knows what it will become?


On another subject, I made it to the uptown farmer's market this past Tuesday morning. I was happy to see there were two organic growers selling produce. The first was this table, where the sellers clearly enjoyed posing with vegetables:

I bought some good-lookin' green beans and okra here at the Oakland Organic stand. The girl explained that while they're not certified organic, they use no chemicals at their farm.

Here's the other organic stand:

If I hadn't already had a bunch of tomatoes at home, I'd have loved to get some of these.

And here's (what I think is) the prettiest stand:

So get your shoes on, everyone, because there's lots of foodie stuff for vegans to do these days!

Finally, I just wanted to post a link to a biscuit recipe I made tonight -- can you say UNBELIEVABLE? Try the add-ins described in the comment left by "THE EARTH CAPITAL." That's what I did, and I could've eaten all twelve biscuits in one sitting (but didn't). You'll never miss Popeye's biscuits again! See third line below for link.

Grit's Bar ~ 530 Lyons Street ~ NOLA 70115 ~ (504) 899-9211


  1. Great post Erin! I've gotta try that biscuit recipe - thus far I haven't had much success with homemade biscuits. Will you be at the brunch this Sunday? We didn't actually get to meet last week!


  2. Thanks, Melissa! It's a very easy recipe to make, and quite naughty-tasting! I can't make it to brunch this Sunday; most Sundays I have a family thing to go to. So eat some extra Hollandaise sauce for me...the food sounds extra amazing this week!

  3. Gotta say... it was SO AMAZING this week! They have really hit their stride. I'm quite impressed! I hope you can make it another time, but also I hear they're going to try to start doing dinners on other nights. So there will be more opportunities! Hooray! :D

  4. I can't wait to attend the brunch at Grits Bar...will be there when my Sundays clear up in a couple weeks! Sounds fabulous.

  5. awesome blog. I will be visiting home (new orleans) in October and I was worried being vegan might be an issue. -Layne

  6. your blog is AMAZING! I'm vegan and heading to New Orleans for the first time next month and the group of friends I'm travelling with are all definitely not vegan so I was worried I'd be out of luck when it came to food- I was ready for a weekend of iceberg lettuce and cucumbers while being surrounded by all sorts of goodies. Any "must hit" restaurants you can think of while I'm there?

  7. Thanks, Layne and Terry! Terry, I'd highly recommend a meal at Zeke's if you can call ahead and touch base with Chef Michelle. That's probably a pricier option, though, and it's in Metairie, fyi. If you are planning to stay mainly in the French Quarter and surrounding area, you'll get some hearty, vegan, NOLA-style dishes at the Gumbo Shop (on Saint Peter St. in the heart of the Quarter) and the Praline Connection (on Frenchman St. in the Marigny). And although I haven't been there yet myself, I have had a taste of Carmo Cafe's food and I'd say definitely go there for lunch one day!! (It's on Julia St. in the CBD). Enjoy your trip!